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Bright Onion Pedals

20mm BOP Block for Strymon Dual Switch Pedals

20mm BOP Block for Strymon Dual Switch Pedals

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Size: 20mm(H)x100mm(W)x110mm(D)

Compatible with:

  • Strymon dual footswitch pedals

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Get more usable space from your pedalboard with our BOP Blocks pedal risers.  We make many sizes, if you cannot find a size that you are after please get in touch, we can most likely add it to our catalogue.

Where possible we have added wiring channels to the risers which really help with keeping the signal and power cabling neat and tidy.

The riser comes with Velcro attached (hook underneath, loop on top), if you do not use Velcro with your setup then just select “No” on the Velcro option above and we will send the riser bare.

BOP Blocks are 3D printed from PLA which has great durability and strength for pedal risers while being light in weight.  The PLA we use is recyclable and industrially compostable, if you would like more any information on this please get in touch, we are happy to take any unwanted used risers and will ensure that they get recycled.

Please note, be sure to measure and check that you will be able to fit your pedalboard in its case or gig bag once you have added the risers.

We make three types of BOP Blocks:

Standard BOP Blocks

Our standard BOP Blocks are flat and (other than the 10mm high ones) have X and Y channels for signal and power cabling.

Wedge BOP Blocks

Our Wedge BOP Blocks are designed to fit the degree of angled Pedaltrain and Rockboard pedalboards so your pedal rows can go up in steps to give better access to the footswitches.  The angled design also means less overall height is added to the pedalboard.

Another use of angled risers is to raise the rear of a pedal for better access to rear footswitches.

Stubby BOP Blocks

We make Stubby BOP Blocks for most sizes, in both the flat and wedge shapes.

The stubby 30mm high BOP Block risers are 20mm shorter in depth than the standard BOP Blocks, this is so you can have them behind pedals or switchers in the row in front and have the risen pedal placed over the front pedal’s rear sockets.  Be sure to check and measure 30mm is enough clearance, for example the ¼” sockets on the Boss MS-3, ES-5 and the Line 6 HX Stomp have plenty of clearance, whereas there is not on the Boss ES-8 two rows of sockets.

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