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Bright Onion Pedals

ABCD Switch with Four Outputs

ABCD Switch with Four Outputs

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This is an ABCD switch which lets you have the input signal going to one of four outputs.  Great when you have four amps that you use with the same guitar, no more cable switching!

This is a smart pedal in a small package. The first switch selects either the A or B output, the second switch activates C overriding whichever input is selected on the first switch, and the third switch activates D overriding whichever output is selected on the other two switches.

The pedal is totally passive. If you need to power the LEDs the pedal has a Boss style 2.1mm 9v DC socket.

The pedal is built with:

  • Aluminium enclosure
  • Neutrik plug sockets
  • 3PDT heavy duty footswitches
  • Point to point wiring
  • LEDs
  • 2.1mm centre negative 9v DC socket

Enclosure dimensions:


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