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Dual Tap Tempo Switch with Polarity Switch

Dual Tap Tempo Switch with Polarity Switch

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A tap tempo switch is pretty simple bit of kit which can be priceless, and this one has the additional benefit of being able to control two delay pedals rather than one, with a polarity switch for one of the outputs. This gives you option of using the pedal with two delays that expect different polarity tap messages.

The first output provides a "normally open" signal whilst the second output can have either a "normally open" or "normally closed" signal which is determined by the polarity toggle switch.

Please note this dual tap tempo uses a footswitch that has a mechanical click, if you would prefer it to be soft touch then our MasterTap2 would be a better option.

The pedal is built with:

  • Aluminium enclosure
  • Neutrik plug sockets
  • DPDT heavy duty footswitch
  • Toggle polarity switch
  • Point to point wiring

Enclosure dimensions:


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