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Katana Preset Footswitch v2

Katana Preset Footswitch v2

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The Kat Preset Footswitch is designed to be used with the Boss KATANA-50, KATANA-100, KATANA-100/212 and KATANA Head MKI and MKII amps that have firmware 2 onward.

The footswitch let you switch between the amp presets 1A, 1B, 2A and 2B.

A TRS ¼” cable is required to connect the footswitch to the CH1 CH2 foot control socket on the rear on the amp, you can add a Bright Onion TRS cable to the order above, the cables are built using Van Damme cable and Neutrik Rean plugs.

The pedal is active so requires power, you can add a battery to the internal clip or use the Boss style 2.1mm 9v (centre negative) DC socket using an adapter (not supplied).

Please also note that the footswitch will not work correctly while your Katana amp is connected to a computer running the Boss Tone Studio software.

The pedal is built with:

  • Aluminium enclosure
  • Neutrik plug sockets
  • Heavy duty soft touch footswitches
  • LEDs
  • 2.1mm 9v DC Socket (centre negative) and internal battery holder
  • A toggle switch to turn off the battery

Enclosure dimensions:

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