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Shifter Switch Patchbox v2

Shifter Switch Patchbox v2

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This is a very handy patchbox that is ideal if you have a pedalboard that you like to use with different amps that are with or without a FX loop.

The Shifter Switch Patchbox v2 lets you use both setups, just change the output sockets that are used for each amp setup (see the below manual for the two signal flows), there is also a TRS footswitch gang for if it is ever needed.

The patchbox is wired so the amp's FX loop's ground is isolated to avoid a ground loop.

By default, the pedal comes with black nuts, in the options above you can select for them to be coloured if you would prefer them.

The pedal is built with:

  • Painted Aluminium enclosure
  • Neutrik plug sockets

Enclosure dimensions:



Can be downloaded here.

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